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You already have all the data but need a map? We are happy to provide you with a product that complies with your high expectations as well as our experience.

Mapping and data aquisition

Map creation

Design of cartographic products

Multifactorial analyses

Regional and over-regional evaluations

Providing OpenStreetMap tiles


You have a standardized task? It will be solved quickly. You need to cope with a special problem? We will provide the individual solution using both: proven software components and innovative approaches.

Filtering and adaption of OpenStreetMap data




Configuration of SpatialData Infrastructures

Development of specific algorithms

Know How

You are eager to catch up with current developments? You need people to be informed? We offer our experience in teaching and giving talks about basic and advanced topics.

Extensive knowledge about OpenSource GIS

The power of QGIS

NoSQL data storage

Geoinformation basics and advances

Topological and SimpleFeature formats

Data management


A subset of our work



Map of Türkenschanzpark

Map Design


GIS Development

OÖ Quiz

App Development

Urban morphology Linz

Analysis, Cartographic Product

Monopoly Attersee

Cartographic Product

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